We care
about the air you share

We Care About The Air You Share.

Destroy Viruses

Prevent Colds & Flu

Use hextio to protect yourself, loved ones, work force and customers/clients against airborne bacteria and viruses

City Air

Neutralise Smog

If you live or work in a city – you will be suffering from smog pollution. Hextio was a finalist in the 2016 international “Technologies That Fight Smog Pollution” competition.

Air Steriliser

More Than a HEPA

Hepa filters are great for collecting dust and pollen, but for more serious pollution you need more serious technology.

Cutting Edge Design Solutions

Our challenge was to make the most compact and technologically advanced air purifier and steriliser in the World

Hextio Explained

Advanced Technology

People Affected By Air Pollution

Deaths per year
Of population affected
Cause of all diseases
Single biggest health threat


Most allergies are triggered by more than simple dust and pollen. Hextio neutralises allergy causing pollutants such as mould, VOC’s chemicals & fungus.


Odour is an air pollutant and hextio reacts intelligently to all air pollutants, switching to full fan until the pollution has been neutralised – giving you an odour free environment.