Advanced Technology

10 x more efficient


Surrounding the Super UV lamp with 9 nano chrome titanium dioxide filters and creating a fully mirrored reactor chamber has increased the photo-catalytic oxidation technology efficiency by 10 times.


Multiple sensors constantly sample the air for dust, germs and VOC’s and when pollution is detected – hextio reacts intelligently by switching to full fan and glowing red until the pollution has been neutralised.


Hextio is compact yet powerful and able to destroy many more air pollutants than a hepa filter attempts to catch. Small enough to move around the house or take with you when you travel and designed for rooms up to 30 square meters in size means hextio can protect you wherever you are.

Is good air sterilisation important?

We created an online survey and asked over 500 people from 16 countries if and where they thought good air sterilisation was important. Below is where people said yes. What do you think?

Hospitals & Doctors
Work Place & Office