Small & Powerful

Perfect For All Home And Work Environments
Hextio in the Home

Hextio is perfect for all home environments. It purifies the air from particles such as dust, pollen and dander and also sterilises the air – Neutralising viruses, mould, VOC’s and toxic gas. Hextio covers 30 square meters which is the average room size.

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People everywhere are concerned that the air in cities is very polluted. Hextio is compact, stylish, fully automatic and neutralises all air pollution including odours and city smog – giving hotels a great USP. Our World exclusive Fragrance Menu is the icing on the cake.

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Medical & Healthcare

Imagine sitting in a doctors waiting room and seeing an air steriliser on the wall with a sign telling you that you are protected from airborne viruses and bacteria… enough said.

Test Results

Hextio is the best investment for your business

The return on investment with hextio is extremely quick due to much less staff sickness and higher productivity. Also benefit from the positive advertising amongst your team and clients.

Reduced sick days

Radic8 conducted a study in an office with 100 employees over a 3 month period with 5 units installed and managed to reduce staff sick days by 53%

Increase in productivity

The Environmental Protection Agency have conducted studies that found workers were 6% more productive in indoor environments with very little air pollution.

Requested by employees

Our online survey showed that from over 500 people questioned, 79% said that they would like air sterilisation in their working environment.

Air Quality Indicator

The issue with a lot of air purifiers is that there is no way of seeing if they are working and if the air is polluted. We have a simple and effective Air quality indicator in hextio: If the air is polluted hextio will glow red and switch to full fan until the pollution is neutralised…… seeing is believing!

Cost Effective

We want hextio to be available to all people who wish to control their indoor air quality and as such we have made hextio affordable and kept the cost of consumables low. The other great benefit of hextio is that it runs on only 15 watts of electricity making the running costs super efficient.

Modular and Mobile

Size matters! Our objective was to keep the size of hextio to a minimum so that it is easily put out of the way or hung up on a wall. Our research told us that many people and businesses were put off by the size and scale of many air purifiers and many also mentioned that they would like to take hextio when they travelled …… so we listened.

People breathe air
Affected by air pollution
World leading technology
Golden Opportunity