Unlike artificial fragrances that pollute the air, our natural fragrance filters improve
the air quality. Cost effective, subtle, mess free & environmentally friendly.

Handmade in England

Explore our fragrances inspired by an English country garden or bring a bit of spice into your life. Our unique range of fragrance filters are designed to give wonderful, subtle fragrances and improve air quality.

100% Natural

Chemical and unnatural aromas are over powering and bad for health whilst oils can be messy and give inconsistent levels of fragrances. Our new hextio range of fragrance filters are natural, subtle, mess free, cost effective and improve air quality.


Hextio fragrance filters are wonderful to use in the home and come in resealable packets so you can alter them to your requirements. Imagine a hotel where you
are able to choose your fragrance before you arrive or an office that smells great and creates an optimum working environment.

What's your

We have carefully selected our range of fragrances for their smell, longevity and effect. Our filter cases can also hold any natural fragrance that you wish to place in yourself …. so go and create!