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HEPA filters are great at catching dust but the dangerous nano sized particles that get deep into your lungs - sail straight through HEPA filters. Hextio uses the world’s most advanced photo-catalytic oxidation reactor chamber to destroy all nano particles, including viruses.



Fragance filter hood

Fragance filter hood

The fragrance filter can be used with essential oils of your choice, reusable felt pads are supplied in the filter case.

Directional flow hood

Directional flow hood

The NEW Directional flow hood is designed to create a ‘Clean Air Cloud’ and protect you wherever you are.

Sufferers of Respiratory Viruses, Asthma and Allergies increase annually

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In the office travelling or at home, Hextio will protect you wherever you are. Hextio also makes the perfect gift for anyone with low immunity or people with asthma and allergies.

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