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Armed with advanced air sterilisation technology,
Hextio destroys all air pollutants including viruses,
bacteria and traffic pollution.

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Viruskiller™ is the world’s highest certified clean air technology
for Infection Prevention and Control.

Hextio brings cutting edge technology
from the high-end medical world, to your home.

Particle Size

Nano Particles and viruses are the most dangerous type of air pollution because they can reach the deepest parts of the lungs and be transferred into the bloodstream. These are too small to be caught in HEPA filters and must be destroyed.

Test Results

Our main focus as a company is in the high-end medical sector, where there is no room for deceptive marketing. We back our statements up with accredited test results and we have conducted more tests on our product range than any competitor products.


Standard air purifiers try to dazzle you with bells and whistles but are nothing more than a fan with a filter in a box. Hextio gives you cutting edge clean air technology at a reasonable price.

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We don’t catch it, we kill it.

Get rid of pathogens

Hextio detects high levels of pollution and automatically switches to turbo mode until the air is safe to breathe again.

No ozone

There is no ozone being generated by Hextio. The UVC lamp is certified to work ozone-free for its entire recommended life.

Portable with the Travel Pack

If you need Hextio on the go, grab the travel pack and stay safe anywhere you go.

Neutralise toxic air

Neutralise toxic gases, VOCs, NOx and other harmful substances from the air, that can’t be stopped in filters.

Energy Efficient

Hextio only uses 15W of power, so you can even use it with a 12V output powerbank.

Hextio Viruskiller™

Hextio brings consumers the highest certified clean air technology in the world, Viruskiller™, in a small and affordable package. The days when dust was the biggest problem in our indoor air quality are long gone. Nowadays, problems are bigger, particles are smaller and the results are deadlier. The market needs more than a box with fan and filters. It needs cutting edge technology.

Available on back-order

Directional Airflow Hood

Surround yourself with a clean air cloud, regardless where you are and how big of a room you are in. Direct the air towards you and displace polluted air.

Coronavirus vs. Hextio

Respiratory viruses are no match for Hextio’s reactor chamber. Our patented, core technology has been tested against Coronavirus DF2, Adenovirus, Influenzavirus and Poliovirus. The results show a 99.99999% kill rate on a single air pass.

Hextio kills respiratory viruses and:

  • It prevents airborne contamination so that infectious diseases don’t spread from one person to another.
  • It removes contaminants from the air so that allergens and viruses don’t drift into your home.
  • It helps control allergies and asthma so that your immune system develops a stronger response to viruses and contamination.

The hextio is excellent at cleaning and freshening the air and I was so pleased with it I have bought more for friends and family. The fan’s low-volume purr is pleasing. 20 minute’s freshens the air well. Highly recommended.

John Harrison

We got the hextio as our 3 year old would cough a lot in the night and were prepared to try anything. I can honestly say after using it for nearly 3 months we have not heard her cough, it is situated about 1m from the head of her bed and on sleep mode it is very quiet at night. Very impressed.

Amazon customer

Nice clean design. Simple to set up and was up and running in seconds out of the box. Very reassuring to know our indoor air is now protected. Great bit of tech. Many thanks

Levi Brocklehurst

Fabulous piece of kit. My lung problem has been gradually getting worse over the last 12 months (I’ve had it on and off for 65 years), but this has reduced my coughing considerably, especially overnight. I have it running every evening while watching the tv and all night on my bedside table. I have just bought another unit and 2 reactor cells to keep me sane. Brilliant.

Sue Lyons

Protect the ones you love

Young Lungs

From the moment they enter the world, children can be exposed to a frightening cocktail of harmful gases and chemicals. New furniture, paints, carpets and toys release formaldehyde gas, while cleaning products create a lingering cloud of chemicals. Nitrogen dioxide from the road outside can build up, and all this combined can result in environment that can permanently damage children’s developing lungs and cause lifelong illnesses such as asthma. Fortunately, Hextio is designed to destroy all these types of air pollution, creating a clean air haven for children to play and sleep.

Look after the ones
that looked after you

Weakened immune systems

Respiratory viruses are one of the world’s leading causes of death, responsible for an estimated 4.25 million deaths each year. Sadly, the people worst affected are also the most vulnerable, our precious young and cherished older generation. Respiratory viruses are too small to be caught by HEPA filters. The patented ViruskillerTM technology inside Hextio destroys virus DNA, preventing its spread and reducing the chances that others will fall ill. Now everyone has the power to protect themselves and their loved ones.

HEXTIO Air Steriliser


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Available on back-order

A CUTTING EDGE AIR CLEANER: From cancer patients to allergy sufferers to moms who want the best for their children or just about anybody who wants to neutralise all dangerous airborne particles, Hextio is the perfect air steriliser. (improved 2020 version, better airflow, quieter and an added HEPA filter)

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