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HEXTIO Air Steriliser


A CUTTING EDGE AIR CLEANER: From cancer patients to allergy sufferers to moms who want the best for their children or just about anybody who wants to neutralise all dangerous airborne particles, Hextio is the perfect air steriliser. (improved 2020 version, better airflow, quieter and an added HEPA filter)

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WHAT IT DOES: Hextio uses UV light and titanium dioxide chromed-coated filters, to create hydroxyl radicals - natural air cleaners. These react with pollutants, odours, and toxic gases within the chamber, completely breaking them down to harmless carbon dioxide and water. It also has a mood lamp with breathing effect. WHO WE ARE: Radic8 is a specialist air cleaning company that is leading the fight against airborne viruses and all known indoor air pollutants. Its patented Viruskiller technology is installed in thousands of hospitals, newborn wards, care homes, kindergartens, schools and other places where clean air is a matter of life and death. WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE 1x Hextio Air Purifier 1x Power Cable 1x Remote Control 1x Remote Control Strand (wall-mounted) 1x User Manual SPARE PARTS • We recommend changing the carbon filters every 6 months. Depending on the pollution levels, you can also take them out periodically and vacuum clean them. • The reactor cell needs changing after 8000 hours of use. A red, intermittent light will let you know when the 8000 hours have passed.


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