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Air purification x10


HEXTIO is a truly unique product. It brings consumers the highest certified clean air technology in the world, Viruskillerâ„¢, in a small and affordable package. The days when dust was the biggest problem in our indoor air quality are long gone. Nowadays, problems are bigger, particles are smaller and the results are deadlier. The market needs more than a box with a fan and filters. It needs cutting edge technology.

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Weight 1.2 kg

2 reviews for HEXTIO

  1. Paula

    Instantly noticeable difference in air quality which delivered relief to my sinuses. The sleep mode makes it usable at night, although not so much if it placed near you. The scent delivery is almost non-noticeable unless used in a very confined space. The hextio is excellent at cleaning and freshening the air and I was so pleased with it I have bought more for friends and family. The fan’s low-volume purr is pleasing. 20 minutes freshens the air well. Highly recommended.

  2. Anonymous

    We got the hextio as our 3 year old would cough a lot in the night and were prepared to try anything. I can honestly say after using it for nearly 3 months we have not heard her cough, it is situated about 1m from the head of her bed and on sleep mode, it is very quiet at night. Very impressed.

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